Each year, over 1.5 million people in the US are diagnosed with cancer. Our goal is to do whatever possible to help them through their journey.


Our Mission

We believe that there are many things in life worth fighting for. This organization is dedicated to helping causes that we at The Boxing Club strongly believe in, one of them being researching and providing care for those with rare types of cancer. One of the strongest fighters we know is Maania Hopper, and we want do our best to support her foundation, Rare Cancer Aware. She is a woman whose constant positivity and strength during her cancer treatments has inspired us to join the fight. Working together, our goal is to help provide patients and the families of patients with rare forms of cancer with better availability to treatments, research, and overall support during their battle. Whether you are a fighter in or outside of the ring, no matter how big or small the battle, we want to do our part to better our community.

We had an idea of creating a movement that would represent the TBC culture that we have built within our members, but more importantly what TBC really stands for. There are many things and causes that are worth fighting for in our lives. One of them being Rare Cancer Aware Foundation, founded by our close friend and cancer fighter Maania Hopper.
— Artem Sharoshkin, CEO The Boxing Club & Founder of "It's Worth Fighting For" Organization


  • Raise awareness and support important causes
  • Hold amazing fundraising events
  • Build a community that strives to help others
  • Work congruently with other organizations to maximize our efforts and help as many individuals as possible
  • Host networking events for local businesses